Mitt Meets Mainstream Media Mindset

With one voice, the mainstream media proclaim Mitt Romney's overseas tour a disaster, hoping to damage his standing.  To the surprise of no one, shameless double standards are being applied.  But does it matter anymore? The current iteration of the American mainstream media has often been referred to as the "dinosaur media" for its inability to adapt to the changing landscape of news delivery -- be it the internet, talk radio, or social media.  However, the traditional mainstream media outlets are failing not because of their inability to fully take advantage of changing technology, but because their mindset is mired in the 1960s and '70s. The seminal achievements of the media over the past fifty years were the shaping of opinion regarding the Vietnam War and the forced resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974 after his mishandling of the Watergate scandal, coupled in both instances with the breathless, and in many cases erroneous, reporting by journalists who became...(Read Full Article)