Medicare and Medicaid: RIP

What does Washington do when one of its programs fails?  Answer: enlarge it! First, there is Medicare.  That program will go broke by 2017.  So what did Nancy Pelosi want to do?  Answer: expand it to include all Americans.  Meanwhile, seniors cannot find a doctor who will accept them if they have Medicare coverage.  Why?  Because Medicare pays so little to providers that they lose money every time they take care of a Medicare patient.  For icing on that cake, the ACA -- Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 -- will cut Medicare reimbursements even further: an additional 21-27%.  How does Congress think that doctors who cannot pay their staff will still be able to practice medicine? Now, the push is to expand Medicaid.  Washington pushing the states to expand their programs by increasing Medicaid eligibility standards: age limit up from 18 to 26 years, income up to 400% of poverty line, and adding more categories of...(Read Full Article)