Meaningless Words and Phrases

In the politics of 2012, it's amazing just how many words and phrases get thrown around without any thought.  Here is just a short list of some of the more popular lingo and the actual definitions. Social Justice One of the first philosophical debates ever recorded was an argument between Plato and Aristotle.  The subject of their argument: the definition of the word "justice."  The argument was unresolved, and two thousand years later, people still argue over what "justice" means. American liberals in the modern day have done something rather clever with the word "justice": they tacked the word "social" in front of it.  Now most people don't ask what it is (because they think they already know).  Those brave souls who do ask for a definition of "social justice" are declared to be against it and shouted down.    There is no definition for "social justice."  It is whatever the speaker/writer says it is, and this makes it the perfect political...(Read Full Article)