Little League Lawsuit Epitomizes a Big League Problem

Some things can't be fully appreciated unless compared to their opposites.  We hold light dear because its absence is darkness.  Crisp autumn mornings are sweeter when compared to summer's searing heat.  Likewise, reward can't be fully valued without risk.  The connection between risk and reward is a common element in economic and personal liberty, which somewhat explains why some people work so hard to disjoin them. Trial lawyers have certainly helped foster a reward-without-risk mentality.  Frivolous litigation clogs the courts and cheapens the legal system.  Of course, not all lawyers are crooked.  Reputable lawyers are assets to their communities and credits to their profession.  But shysters and their lame-brain clients are as devastating to personal responsibility as Josef Stalin was to Ukrainian agriculture. I daresay most of us have attended a baseball game.  When we passed through the gates, we encountered the risk of a batted or...(Read Full Article)