Lemonade Freedom Day

If apple pie is the all-American dessert, the lemonade stand you see over the windowsill where granny's pie is cooling is the all-American first job.  Sometimes it seems that nearly every kid since lemonade was invented has learned the virtues of hard work, responsibility, saving toward a dream or fundraising for a cause, and entrepreneurism by running a lemonade stand.  But this is America 2012, where kids are more likely to learn a lesson in big government and dream-crushing regulations.  Think of it as trickle-down tyranny, a micro-version of what they face when they enter today's real economy and workforce. Last year, the war on lemonade stands came to the forefront of the national debate.  Police descended on street corners to earnestly scold innocent second-graders.  Parents were being fined hundreds of dollars.  Cities and counties were passing ordinances to put an end to the threat to society once and for all!  Do lemonade stands rank among...(Read Full Article)