It's All about the Team. Time to Fire the Coach.

As a 10-year veteran of the NFL, I had a unique perspective weekly to see the heartfelt commitment of the fan.  Regardless of years of disappointing and winless seasons, the true fans remained die-hard in their loyalty to "the Team."  The true fans were capable of not only painting their cars and homes their team colors, but also naming family pets and offspring after famous NFL all-stars. On our way to the Super Bowl XV Championship, the Oakland Raiders played a frigid 1981 AFC playoff game in Cleveland, in which the temperatures plunged to -35 degrees.  I remember looking up in the stands to see a dedicated Cleveland Brown fan celebrating topless.  I've often wondered if there was a price that young man later paid for his rambunctious youthful zeal.  Would there be in his future some physical accountability for this fanatical commitment to "The Team"? I've since wondered: when does this type of loyalty and willingness to sacrifice all that is dear...(Read Full Article)