Is Mitt Becoming More Conservative?

It is axiomatic that all political campaigns move towards the political center as election day approaches.  That doesn't seem to happening in this one.  In "It's the Ideology, Stupid," Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal notes that the Romney campaign has actually become more ideologically based as the campaign has progressed.   After spending the spring and summer muddled in a neck-and-neck race by focusing exclusively on the economy, he's brought entitlements, health care, welfare, debt and American exceptionalism to the forefront of an increasingly ideological race. Critics have scratched their heads, wondering why he would appeal to the conservative base when he badly needs to win over the remaining undecided voters in the middle. Why, when the economy is by far the biggest issue for voters, is the Republican ticket focused on secondary issues? But by running on charged ideological issues, he has the potential to fit the missing piece of the puzzle -- connecting...(Read Full Article)