Into the Storm

Bobby Kennedy loved to quote Aeschylus, or some such, to the effect that "ships are safe in harbor, but that is not why men build ships."  Both Bobby and Aeschylus should have known this: ships are not always safe in harbor.  When the storm rises, ships are in danger of being battered in harbor.  They must head out into the storm.  My French friend recently sent me a wonderful video of a navy frigate heading into the waves.  It's an artistic rendering of what sailors must do in perilous seas. Mitt Romney has just done this in his selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate.  Romney clearly understood that his own attacks on the abysmal record of President Obama were not gaining traction.  He also understood that whether or not he embraced the Paul Ryan budget, the liberals would try to tie it to him like a tin can on a dog's tail. He might have tried to find a safe harbor.  But he didn't.  He brought the fighting Wisconsin congressman onto the...(Read Full Article)