Hungary Vexed by Specter of Anti-Semitism

"Study has always been our religious duty as Jews. Our exclusion from society has given us an ability to adapt to others and to sense connections between things that seem diverse. But if you feel you have power, you are mistaken." -Ignatz Sonnenschein in the 1999 film Sunshine Now that Csanád Szegedi, the leader of the controversial right-wing Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik, has resigned, it is worth looking into the complexities of Jewish life within Budapest.  Szegedi, 29, is Hungary's far-right lawmaker who stepped down last week at the request of the party's leaders.  The Anti-Defamation League has described the Jobbik Party as "openly anti-Semitic." "Effective immediately, I resign from all my posts and functions in Jobbik," Szegedi wrote in a communiqué released last week.  "The resignation is meant to prevent further attacks against Jobbik by enemy forces." According to Jobbik's website, party leaders asked Szegedi to step down following...(Read Full Article)