Huma Abedin and Security Clearances

It is still unclear whether Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's closest aide, has been properly vetted or not.  This issue rose to prominence after Michele Bachmann and four other congressional representatives expressed concerns about Huma's family's longstanding connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Barack Obama voiced strong support for Huma Abedin during the annual iftar dinner, but Walid Shoebat has asserted that President Obama needs to "refute the facts [that have been presented about Huma Abedin] and provide answers that are void of rhetoric."  According to Cliff Kincaid, all this controversy could be resolved "by demanding access to Abedin's Standard Form 86, which she was supposed to fill out before getting her State Department job."  Did Huma Abedin disclose her family's connections to the Muslim Brotherhood?  How did she fill out the 127-page lengthy questionnaire when she applied for this national security position?   In Section 13A of the...(Read Full Article)