Hillary Clinton: America's Worst Secretary of State

The scene could hardly have been more bizarre: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade was pelted with rotten tomatoes and shoes as she was being driven to the opening of a U.S. Consulate General in the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria.  The mob chanted "Monica, Monica" to taunt the former first lady with the name of the woman with whom President Bill Clinton told us "I did not have sexual relations." Egyptian journalist Mohammed Wahby warned us back then that this affair could have dangerous ramifications in his part of the world.  Wahby told PBS's Jim Lehrer News Hour that Bill Clinton's scandal would inflame Islamists in his part of the world.  Clearly, it has had lasting repercussions. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's ostensible reason for being in Alexandria was to take part in the flag-raising ceremony for our Consulate General.  This is a disgrace.  Alexandria was once home to a flourishing Jewish community.  Jews flourish there...(Read Full Article)