Here Comes the 'Hispanic Obama'

In 2007, Saturday Night Live aired a parody of Mexican President Vicente Fox debating me on immigration.   I found the skit quite funny.   Unlike much of what passes for political comedy these days, it did not really try to push any bias one way or the other.   However, I always joke that it was unfair that they had the unassuming and then unknown actor Jason Sudekis play me, while Antonio Banderas played Fox. Four years later, I debated San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro in real life.  Castro heads up Latinos for Obama and was just chosen to chair the Democratic National Convention.   National Democratic leaders clearly have big plans for him.  In terms of charisma, Castro had as big an edge over me as Banderas did over Sudekis.   When people urge me to run for president, I often say our cause needs someone who is smarter, taller, younger, and with more hair to lead the fight.  Except for the fact that he is on the...(Read Full Article)