For Us or against Us

A vote for incumbent president Barack Obama in November is a vote against the United States Constitution.  Furthermore, it is a vote for one's own enslavement. No American president has demonstrated such contempt for the Constitution, the concept of separation of powers, and the American spirit in as small an amount of time as Obama.  His transgressions and insults are legion: He has initiated an unprecedented expansion of executive and regulatory power to grant waivers from the law to individuals and groups for political purposes, financial gain, or both. He has enacted rules governing pieces of legislation that are incomprehensible, leading to increased power to those in power through their interpretation of those rules. He has overseen a deadly criminal gun-walking operation to foreign gangsters, in defiance of the law and placing our national security at risk. His attorney general, in connection with that scheme, is officially in contempt of Congress. He has attempted to...(Read Full Article)