Fed to the Sharks by Political Correctness

Cable television is replete with nature-themed shows these days.  Some of the most popular are those that feature quirky blokes who get dangerously close to deadly animals, usually because they claim to have an understanding of the beasts.  The results are predictably dangerous, and sometimes deadly.  There is an inherent savagery found in the animal kingdom that we ignore at our own peril.  We in the civilized world have become so removed from the realm of the wild that we seem to have lost touch with our instincts when it comes to our perception of other creatures that inhabit the earth. This skewed perception often produces horrific results.  There is no shortage of video footage of hapless or naïve people who sometimes unwittingly provoke potentially deadly encounters, or happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Polar bears are portrayed as our soft and cuddly friends, but how many people fully understand that a polar bear would ravage and...(Read Full Article)