Embattled Arizona Governor Stands Strong against Chicago Administration

Governor Jan Brewer is once again fighting for the rule of law.  She has shown that she can also use executive action to thwart the hostile Obama administration. In June, President Obama, through an executive order, awarded a two-year deferral from deportation to certain illegal immigrants.  The deferrals would apply to those younger than thirty if they came to the U.S. before the age of sixteen and who do not pose any criminal or security threats.  This would allow them to meet the work permit application requirements if they can also prove that they have lived in America for the last five consecutive years.  An administration official thought it could potentially affect about 800,000 illegals.  American Thinker interviewed Governor Brewer about this and other immigration matters. Governor Brewer believes that she was elected to uphold the Arizona constitution; thus, she issued an executive order instructing state agencies to deny taxpayer-funded public...(Read Full Article)