Ego-Death on Concourse C

The responsibilities for preserving our constitutional republic require a citizenry of strong individual egos living everyday lives free from paralyzing fear. Egoism has a bad name.  However, a strong ego serves the purpose of stabilizing conscious processes and is indispensable in order for each American to recognize, maintain, and pass to posterity the gifts of God-given rights.      A widely known model posits that all normal human beings experience five universal fears: 1. Extinction, the primary existential anxiety of ceasing to exist. 2. Mutilation, the fear of  having our body's boundaries invaded. 3. Loss of autonomy, the fear of being immobilized or imprisoned. 4. Separation, the fear of rejection and loss of respect. 5. Ego-death, the fear of humiliation and a profound loss of integrity of the Self. The recent experiences of my client "Theresa" in an East-Coast airport exemplify the methods the government is using to wear away functional...(Read Full Article)