Does NYT/CBS Poll Mean Shenanigans for the Sunshine State?

In what could be a portent of things to come, the media is already playing games with numbers in Florida.  As has been widely reported, a new New York Times/CBS News/Democratic National Committee poll has Barack Obama pulling away from Mitt Romney in three battleground states. (Well, okay, there's no proof that the DNC actually paid for the poll, but, given the rather questionable results, it might as well have.  Although it's kind of redundant to list the DNC anyway, given the two sponsoring media organizations.) The survey purports to show that Obama has reached the suddenly magical number of 50% in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  The authors of the report all but fail to admit that they accomplish this by weighting the polling samples toward Democrats -- and heavily weight them, at least in the case of Florida. Buried in the Quinnipiac College report on the poll is the actual number of people it queried in telephone surveys.  Of the 1,177 people polled in...(Read Full Article)