Demonizing Romney

(See also: "Mitt's Lesson on Discretion") If Hollywood put out a casting call for a leading man to play the president of the United States, Mitt Romney would fit the bill to perfection.  In the looks department, he has a picture-perfect smile and perfect hair.  In personality, he projects an air of confidence and leadership.  His family life mirrors a 1950s television show -- still married to his beautiful first wife; father of five successful, handsome sons; grandfather to many adorable little children; has never smoked, imbibed alcohol, or done drugs; is devoted to his church, gives generously to charity, and personally helps those in need; and is an excellent provider.  He has been a proven success in business.  The time once was when his business acumen and ability to make money for his family -- and more importantly, for others -- would have made him a PR flack's dream candidate and a role model for the small business community. But these are different...(Read Full Article)