A Train Ride with a Young Progressive

I was riding home on Amtrak the other day, on my way from Massachusetts to Philadelphia.  On the train with me was a young girl about 18.  She was talking non-stop to a couple in their mid-thirties while hanging over the back of her seat. Her conversation -- near monologue, actually -- was all about her. As it usually is with any kid who is about eighteen. She was going to MIT.  She had aced her SATs.  She had learned algebra intuitively and never really understood it, though due to unerring gut instinct, she aced it, too.  Surprise! MIT was much more difficult and prestigious than Harvard.  The most successful people who attended Harvard didn't even graduate.  Just look at Mark Zuckerberg.  He was a dropout.  But MIT graduates were nearly all successful, like she would be. Ah, youth, I thought.  She has some hard knocks coming, poor thing. Then she started a monologue about religious people.  She talked about how the overwhelming...(Read Full Article)