A Muslim Agent of Influence?

The newest revolutionary stance for the mentally infantile is radical Islam, which is being spread by the same tools of agitation and propaganda that launched Marxism a century ago. During 70 years of Soviet genocide and tyranny, the KGB penetrated the West to an astonishing extent, helping to crank out generation after generation of mental androids, who all said the same thing, over and over again, feeling proud and heroic about themselves. As a Harvard professor said recently, when he was in college, noisy Marxism was a cheap way to get a date.  It still is. In Intellectuals, historian Paul Johnson describes how most of the celebrated public figures of the last century were Soviet sympathizers.  Moscow could do no wrong.  That includes my old hero Jean-Paul Sartre, who championed every mass-murdering gangster regime in the Marxist world, from Stalin and Mao to Pol Pot and Ceaușescu the Romanian child-molester. Jean Paul Sartre isn't my hero anymore. A leftist website...(Read Full Article)