A Brave Challenge to Sharia in Egypt

Could this be the real Arab Spring?  This is huge!  The Muslim world does not have to blame Pastor Terry Jones anymore for burning the Quran or non-Muslims for desecrating it.  They are now in shock over seeing a YouTube post of an Egyptian young man doing the unthinkable on camera: tearing up the Quran and putting it in the trash. This is a summary translation of what he said: There it is, Allah's book, this is the basic catastrophe. I don't know what day it is of this disgusting month of Ramadan! You are making the tearing of the Quran such a big and dangerous thing.. it is instinctive to tear this book, those sons of ----- think they can threaten me and challenge me to tear the Quran, but I want to proof to them that they are nothing and what is the big deal in tearing this book!! There it is (he starts tearing the Quran) in the trash. Are you feeling better now! You cannot touch a hair in my head! We keep blaming Hamas and Gaza, but it is not them, it is this son...(Read Full Article)