2016: Obama's America or Romney's

There were two big takeaways for me on 2016: Obama's America.  One was the united front that Barry and his mom formed against stepfather Lolo Soetero's capitalist career working for an evil oil company in Indonesia.  The other was Dinesh D'Souza's interview with one of Barack Senior's old anti-colonialist buddies back in Kenya.  The old guy is still spouting the anti-colonial bunkum about the Brits looting the colonies and its modern refrain, that the U.S. is in the Middle East to grab the oil.  Oh, and the Arabs are victims of the Israelis. Dinesh's movie reminds us that our 2012 presidential candidates are unapologetic representatives of two great 19th-century belief systems.  Barack Obama believes in the Exploitation narrative, invented by Marx and extended by Lenin.  To Obama and his lefty mom, oil companies might as well be 19th-century textile sweatshops, and the highest calling in the world is to advocate for the poor against the capitalist...(Read Full Article)