You Didn't Build It...because I Didn't Earn It

It isn't socialism that explains Obama's dismissive "you didn't build that" remark toward people of talent and individual initiative; it's the culture of affirmative action.  As I listened to Obama's silly, if not pathetic, comments, I was reminded of nothing so much as the comments and attitudes of people like him: the so-called "multicultural" affirmative-action students one encounters in colleges and universities. These are people who, like Obama, earned little except a greased skid because of the color of their skin.  They knew that by any competitive standard of merit, they were undeserving.  The faculty and other students knew it.  And the affirmative action students knew that everyone knew it. Obama knows he didn't have what it took to get into Columbia, and he didn't have what it took to get into Harvard Law.  Let's face an inescapable reality.  If Obama had great grades, his transcripts would be in a full-page ad in the New York Times. Obama...(Read Full Article)