When Everything's Been Said

It was at dinner in the garden of a well-known analyst of Iran.  He'd spent years writing prolifically and astutely about the regime, its progress on nuclear technology, dissidents, U.S. policy, Israeli policy, and the machinations of the P5+1.  "What's the latest on your blog?" we asked. "Italian food," he replied.  "There's nothing left to say about Iran." That doesn't mean nothing is happening -- only that, like in Bill Murray's Groundhog Day, the things that are happening are largely repeat events, and what there is to say about them has largely been said1.  Or perhaps it is recognition that writers and analysts, no matter how correct they are, do not have influence in the right quarters right now.   How many times over how many years have we heard that the unraveling of dictatorial regimes in the Middle East a) favor well-organized movements which are mainly Islamist, b) are not good for the United States, and c) are not good for Israel?  Which...(Read Full Article)