What Hath Roberts Wrought?

Collateral damage has resulted from Chief Justice Roberts' validation of ObamaCare's assault on individual freedom, the economy, and the country.  The comity and unity of the law's opponents have been shattered, as they have been bitterly divided between his critics and defenders. For example, apologist Matthew J. Franck attacked Committee for Justice President Curt Levey for criticizing Roberts: "No One Ever Turns On You Quite Like Your Friends."  This suggests that Levey turned on Roberts rather than Roberts turning on his own friends, those who enthusiastically and actively supported his nomination -- figuratively stabbing them in the back and literally leaving them in shock. Levey's comment on the ObamaCare decision stated, in part: "Obama and company's attempt to cow the Supreme Court succeeded ... the pressure apparently got to Roberts," who, many have argued, changed his vote as a result of the pressure.  Franck labels this the "nadir for commentary on...(Read Full Article)