Were Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Really Married?

In my previously published article "Secrets Revealed," I concluded that what President Obama is concealing on his genuine long-form birth certificate (not the digital PDF forgery released to the public) is that his mother signed her maiden name. That's all, you say?  By today's standards (about 40% of births are out of wedlock; about half for women under 30) an unmarried woman giving birth is unexceptional.  But in 1961, it was still a big deal (about 5% out-of-wedlock births, mostly by minorities) and was a mark of shame, especially if the woman was well-educated.  So if Stanley Ann Dunham signed her maiden name to baby Barack's birth certificate, she did so either unintentionally -- a mental slip -- or deliberately -- she felt her signature should conform to her maiden name as typed on the certificate, or she was not married to Barack Obama the father, or she chose not to acknowledge the marriage. Thus, the real birth certificate (in my opinion) shows no evidence of...(Read Full Article)