Tragic Dramatics and the Obama Presidency

Any debate centered on the greatest tragedy writer in literary history will invariably include William Shakespeare.  Tragic theatrical literature is as integral to the Elizabethan Englishman's legacy as stately political analysis is to Thomas Jefferson's.  However, while tragedy is a favored tool of adept playwrights, it's downright indispensable for political tyrants. Playwrights benefit from weaving suspense into their scenes.  Tyrants benefit from weaving dependence into the law.  Of course, the playwright's and the tyrant's motives are as different as night and day.  But their base tactic is analogous.  Tragedy creates empathy, and empathy captivates an audience.  The scene plays frequently on today's political stage.  Emotional stories generate compassion among a sympathetic but uncritical audience. Ohio was the stage for a recent installment of this perpetual drama, where President Obama received tearful praise for enacting the Affordable...(Read Full Article)