The Said Honor Murders: Indict the Mother

The honor killing of Amina and Sarah Said on January 1, 2008 is emblematic of the government's and media establishment's indifference to the plight of all too many Muslim women and girls in the United States today.  Over four years after their father, Yaser Abdel Said, brutally murdered them, not only is Yaser still at large, but a private investigator now says that Texas investigators are ignoring considerable evidence that Patricia "Tissy" Said, Yaser's wife and the girls' mother, was complicit in the killings. Thanks to political correctness and the lies of the Islamic media machine, law enforcement authorities in the U.S. are abysmally ignorant about Islamic honor killing. One of the many things they overlook is how the other family members usually approve of the killings, and often help commit them.  But now Carrie Huskinson, a retired private investigator who has been investigating the murders of Amina and Sarah on her own for four years, has written to the FBI to file...(Read Full Article)