The Said Honor Murders: Indict the Mother

The honor killing of Amina and Sarah Said on January 1, 2008 is emblematic of the government's and media establishment's indifference to the plight of all too many Muslim women and girls in the United States today.  Over four years after their father, Yaser Abdel Said, brutally murdered them, not only is Yaser still at large, but a private investigator now says that Texas investigators are ignoring considerable evidence that Patricia "Tissy" Said, Yaser's wife and the girls' mother, was complicit in the killings.

Thanks to political correctness and the lies of the Islamic media machine, law enforcement authorities in the U.S. are abysmally ignorant about Islamic honor killing. One of the many things they overlook is how the other family members usually approve of the killings, and often help commit them.  But now Carrie Huskinson, a retired private investigator who has been investigating the murders of Amina and Sarah on her own for four years, has written to the FBI to file a formal complaint against Patricia Said.  Huskinson wants Patricia Said charged under Title 18, sec. 241 U.S.C. Conspiracy Against Civil Rights, for her involvement in an actual conspiracy to violate the civil rights of Amina Said that led to the murders of Amina and Sarah.

Tissy's alleged complicity in Yaser's abuse and terrorizing of his daughters has long been known.  As I detail in my book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance, in October 1998, when Amina was eight and Sarah was seven, Tissy reported Yaser to a Hill County, Texas sheriff's deputy.  Amina and Sarah, she said, were telling their grandmother that he was sexually abusing them and had done so for several years.  Tissy left Yaser, but they soon got back together again, and the abuse continued, with Tissy doing nothing to stop it.  "On several occasions," Huskinson adds, "Amina appeared at school with bruises, and at one point had a split lip. Amina informed her friends the wounds were inflicted by her father, and her mother refused to allow her to seek medical attention."

Huskinson has uncovered heartrending details about how Amina Said sought help in vain.  On December 11, just three weeks before she was herself murdered, she tried to contact the detective who was investigating the case of Tina Isa, another honor killing victim.  Tissy knew this, as she told a documentary filmmaker that Amina was "doing all kinds of research" into Islamic honor killing.

Yet Tissy did nothing to help Amina.  In fact, she did just the opposite.  "It is my opinion," says Huskinson, that "instead of helping her daughters, Patricia informed Yaser of their intent to run away. The plan to kill Amina was then implemented."  Yet Tissy "informed Amina and Sarah she would help them run away" -- and indeed, she seemed to do so, traveling with them right after Christmas 2007 to her aunt's house.  While there, Patricia repeated the horrifying truth more than once: "If the girls went back, Yaser would kill them."  She said the same thing to police at the time, and assured the girls that she would never take them back to Yaser or go back to him herself.

Yet not only did Patricia Said return to Yaser; she convinced Sarah that she would be safe and should go with her, and then together they worked on convincing Amina to return as well.  Amina's aunt recalled: "Amina called me and was freaking out because Patricia had lied to her and taken Sarah back to Yaser."  Tissy later lied about this to Fox News, claiming that Amina had spoken with Yaser and agreed to return to the home from Oklahoma, when actually Amina did not know that Tissy was taking Sarah back to talk to Yaser.  Huskinson says that Tissy also told Yaser the location of the apartment they had rented in Tulsa to be safe from him, and told one of the girls' boyfriends: "I am not going to throw away a 20 year marriage for the girls. These girls are going to leave and I will be alone."  She adds: "Upon the return to Dallas, Amina gave Eddie her bank card and had him remove the funds, which were handed over to Patricia when they returned to Dallas. This left Amina with no money to run."

At this point, says Huskinson, "Amina had no money left, and her father knew exactly where the Tulsa apartment was located. She had nowhere left to run or to hide."  She returned home, and shortly thereafter, Yaser Said murdered her and her sister.

Tissy's complicity doesn't end there.  A SWAT team raided the Said house the day after the murders, but police allowed Tissy to enter the house and remove all the computers (which might have contained crucial evidence regarding the murders), along with information about where Yaser Said owned property in Egypt (which might give clues as to Yaser's whereabouts).

Huskinson notes that Tissy "had many opportunities to flee her husband, yet made every effort to continue the marriage. It should be noted that she even waited to file for divorce until a year after the murders. Patricia has demonstrated by her own words that she knew right from wrong, and has worked to cover up her involvement in the murders. In the presence of others, she has stated that her marriage was more important than her daughters."  She also "interfered with the homicide investigation by asking the Irving Police not to interview her son Islam while they were physically in the police station. The fact the Irving Police department complied with her request and allowed a key witness and possible conspirator to avoid proper procedure, shows dereliction of duty."

It certainly does.  Islam Said, as I reported in my book, told his Aunt Joyce that "the girls got what was coming to them. ... The girls got what they deserved because they knew the rules."  He has repeatedly threatened the girls' Aunt Gail, writing on one occasion: "will shot you gall [i.e., Gail] like a dog your time is coming it may take years but you will diey by my hands...i will get you all."

Why hasn't Patricia and Islam Said's role in these honor killings been investigated? Amina and Sarah's Aunt Gail declares: "I think this is a crime of political correctness on behalf of the authorities in charge of this cold case! It is unlawful to transport a person across state lines using deceit to lure them into a position where there is the potential for bodily harm, resulting in death. Why is this being ignored? It is law, and one that was broken by Tissy."

The media has subjugated itself to Islamic supremacism and would not say what these murders really were.  And so as the West failed them in life, we too failed them in death.  The FBI should heed Carrie Huskinson and charge Patricia Said (and Islam Said) with conspiracy against civil rights.  Even if only in death, Amina and Sarah Said deserve justice.

Pamela Geller is the publisher of and the author of the WND Books title Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

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