The Roanoke Shuffle: Obama and the Racial Gratitude Racket

President Obama's Roanoke speech was not really an insult to businessmen.  No, in fact, it was far worse: it was a threat. Worse still, it was a threat rooted in a long and ugly racial history in the United States. Consider that Obama mentioned, early in his remarks, teachers and urban infrastructure like roads. When Obama says "you didn't build that," he is employing the rhetorical strategies of two subcultures that he remains closely involved with: (1) the urban Democratic political machines that often shake down both businesses and minorities using City Hall's power over permits, union jobs, fines, and bonds; and (2) the higher education system that has monopolized credentialing and apprenticeships, forcing racial minorities into submissive gratitude by inserting affirmative action into their careers at early stages. While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both hail from Harvard professional schools, Obama has shown a weirdly deep loyalty to Columbia and Harvard, as evidenced by...(Read Full Article)