The Real Reason John Roberts Upheld ObamaCare?

It's now well-established that Chief Justice John Roberts had ulterior motives for upholding ObamaCare.  The usual theories involve his being concerned about the Court's, or maybe even his own, losing respect by seeming to operate in a partisan manner.  But, to ask what may appear a rhetorical question, why such concern about respect?  Is it just vanity, the desire to be viewed as a font of temperance and intellectualism?  Perhaps.  But there actually could be a more tangible area of self-interest. Before delving into that, however, I'll address something related that also may help clarify Roberts's personal self-interest motives.  One factor perhaps underemphasized is the chief justice's concern with his legacy.  That is, our civilization has long been drifting left, and if you're even mildly astute politically (this includes Roberts), you'll perceive this and may consider that the future -- and future history writers -- will be defined by...(Read Full Article)