The Reagan Remedy for Medicaid

So many people have complained that something must be done about U.S. health care.  But the truth is that a solution has been staring us in the face for years -- about forty years, in fact.  And it all started with Ronald Reagan. In 1971,  California was heading toward bankruptcy because of out-of-control welfare spending, so Governor Reagan tapped Robert B. Carleson to design and implement the first-ever welfare reform -- and it worked. Fraud and waste were reduced so much that the state not only remained solvent, but was able to afford the first welfare benefit increase in over twelve years to the state's most needy.  Like our founding fathers, Reagan and Carleson believed that government closest to the people governs best.  The ultimate success of their philosophy was the historic Welfare Reform Act of 1996, which freed millions of Americans from the narcotic of dependency. The key was repealing the entrenched system of sending federal matching money to the...(Read Full Article)