The Perfect President for Today's America?

Chris Matthews really could be onto something by calling Barack Obama "the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American."  Barack Obama could very well be the most "perfect president" for today's America, considering what we have become. Rush Limbaugh recently flew off the handle because Obama scolded this country's productive class.  As Limbaugh pointed out, we used to chide folks who sat around being lazy, telling them to get off their keisters and get a job.  The president has turned that around by vilifying successful people, saying that they didn't accomplish anything on their own.  How dare they think that their long hours, their hard work, and a general spirit of stick-to-it-iveness resulted -- somehow -- in building a profitable business or providing the world with some innovative product or service? As out-of-whack as Obama's observation about America's creative spirit is, the most telling of all was the audience's reaction -- people actually...(Read Full Article)