The Man Who Quit Money: Of Parasites and Men

Mark Sundeen's book, The Man Who Quit Money, has been called "a thought-provoking and respectful account of one man's search for meaning in a world preoccupied with money and the things it buys" (Deseret News 3/10/12).  The A.V. Club website says, "This inspiring biography follows a Utah man who gave up Capitalism and commerce in favor of a roving lifestyle."  And the protagonist of the book, Daniel Suelo, has been called everything from a "caveman" to "a kind of contemporary prophet, a thought-provoking blogger who identifies with Jesus and Thoreau." I contend that Suelo is no less dependent on money than anyone else in the industrialized world.  He is neither a caveman nor a prophet, but an ingenious fraud. This dewy-eyed narrative begins with an account of how Suelo, a middle-aged guy from a middle-class family, simply gave away all of his money and in 2000 began a life journey through which he "has not earned, received, or spent a single dollar."  Sundeen...(Read Full Article)