The Fallen Angel: Fiction Based on Israel's Very Real Plight

The Fallen Angel, Daniel Silva's latest book, will be another number-one New York Times bestseller.  Anyone who supports Israel will want to read this novel, since Silva paints a picture of why it is important to defend this Jewish state.  He blends fiction with history and the realistic struggles Israelis have had to endure over the years.  American Thinker had the pleasure of interviewing him. Early on in the book, the theme becomes apparent, as expressed in this quotation about how Israel is viewed: "Israel was no longer a beacon of democracy in a troubled Middle East; it was an illegitimate rogue, an occupier, and a threat to world peace."  Silva explained that in his previous career as a journalist living in Cairo and Bahrain, he was able "to get a distinct understanding of how the Arab world views Israel, despises Israel, and resents Israel.  In the short term, the entire region is becoming more Islamist, more populist, and perhaps more...(Read Full Article)