Thanks, Cher

Thank you, Cher, for revealing what Hollywood liberals really think of America. If I interpret your tweet correctly, you are not happy about the prospect of having a white man ("the whitest man in MAGIC UNDERWEAR") in the White House, and you are doubly unhappy at the thought of having a devoutly religious man there who happens to be a Mormon. That, I suspect, is pretty much what most of the liberal elite are thinking, not just in Hollywood but at the Ivy League universities, the left-leaning think tanks, and the mainstream media. That's what they are thinking, but they usually are more careful to disguise their opinions. That's not to their credit -- at least Cher is being honest about it. It's not easy to get inside the head of a Hollywood liberal -- the space in there is limited -- but to the extent that it's possible, here goes. "In a presidential race between a white and a black candidate, one must always support the black. It is politically correct to do so. Within the...(Read Full Article)