Take Off the Gloves, Mitt

Mitt Romney needs to get in Barack Obama's face.  For our President with a compliant press and a multitude of minions, confronting the Republican candidate directly is not a necessity.  Scurrilous sycophants will act in his stead as proxies with accusations and personal attacks.  Mitt has no such luxury.  He must transform himself into a latter-day Patton and "attack, attack, attack!" Nothing should be off the table.  It won't be for Barack Obama.  Romney needs to bloody our President's face (relax Secret Service, it's a metaphor) with questions about his character, associations, truthfulness, work history and life experiences, as well as his effectiveness as President.  I'm not happy with what I have seen so far.  Ten seconds after Chief Justice John Roberts' decision on Obamacare, Mitt should have been on the airwaves, both in person and with advocates and attack ads, labeling the President a "tax and spend" progressive, who has given his name...(Read Full Article)