Surviving Obama

Barack Obama is the worst thing to happen to America in my lifetime.  Yet he lacks the work ethic and intellectual rigor necessary to destroy us -- despite actions which are purposely malevolent or moronically unintentional. He has forced his will upon us through: Legislative chicanery -- the abomination of ObamaCare. Policy excess -- Dodd-Frank financial reform, which reforms nothing but makes it impossible for business to borrow and citizens to get mortgages. Crony capitalism -- the green energy roach motel, where our money goes in, but nothing ever comes out, except for Obama campaign bundlers, with bundles for his campaign. Executive orders and regulatory fiat -- the war on fossil fuels and small business. Disastrous policy preferences -- resulting in the destruction of the economy, lower employment, decreasing freedom, and a tenuous, less prosperous future for our children. After three and a half years of the dismal, abysmal slow-motion implosion, the ship of...(Read Full Article)