Socialist? Communist? Three Questions for Obama

The intrepid New York Times stoically took up the task of considering whether its president, Barack Obama, is a socialist or a communist.  Pause right there: anyone familiar with the Times knows how that process would unfold.  Namely, the Times would find someone with some credibility on the issue to provide -- surprise! -- an answer in the negative.  Obama a socialist or communist?  Come on!  Never! True to form -- that is, the form of a transparently biased leftist organ masquerading as an objective news source -- the Times found Milos Forman, a Czech émigré who long ago came to Hollywood to make movies.  Forman's answer?  Again, a shocker: Obama is not a socialist or a communist.  Thus satisfied, the Times faithful gave their assent.  Ah, it is gospel truth, amen. The analysis offered by Forman was so specious that I will not bother detailing it here.  My fellow Cold War researcher, Ron Radosh, God bless him, accepted the painful...(Read Full Article)