Small Business Success without Government Help

Our revolution was about individuals and business being forced to do business in accordance with British dictates.  It was called Mercantilism.  Colonists were allowed to buy only products specified by King George III from approved suppliers.  The justification was that we colonists owed our existence to the Crown that provided the environment for our success.  Trade laws were enacted between 1650 and 1674 designed to give Britain a virtually complete monopoly on colonial trade, with them setting the prices.  The problem wasn't just taxation and a lack of representation that caused the revolution; it was excessive government controls and restrictions on everyday business and life. What Mr. Obama, most liberals, and too many Republicans in our government don't understand is how real business works. America was an experiment.  The concept was "What if people were allowed the freedom to live their lives under a minimum of government interference?"...(Read Full Article)