Six Weeks That Saved America

More than any six weeks in recent memory, the events that transpired during the period May 21 to June 28, 2012 confirmed the ingenuity and wisdom of the founders and sealed the fate of an administration as well as of the American left. The founders of the United States, fearful of dictators and monarchs, were determined to diffuse power as much as humanly possible.  They knew, based on firsthand experience as well the writings of men such as John Locke and his emphasis on the rights of property, and Montesquieu and his theory of the separation of power, that only a structure of government geared toward making it extraordinarily difficult for any one person or group to fully seize the reins of governance could insure the long-term survival of a nation.  At the base and foundation of their convoluted but ingenious pyramid, consisting of the federal government (split into three parts) and the individual states and their governmental prerogatives, were the people. Over the past...(Read Full Article)