Should We Ban Farm Tools?

Mayor of Chicago and former Obama hatchet-man Rahm Emanuel famously said "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste."  And when it comes to the Aurora, Colorado massacre last Friday, the left certainly hasn't let The Godfather down.  Of course, people on both sides of the aisle quickly stated that it's inappropriate to politicize a tragedy, but those with the loudest voices have done their best to make sure that the twelve killed in Colorado while enjoying a night at the movies died for the cause of gun control.  Hollywood notables Michael Moore, Cher, Jason Alexander, Rob Schneider, Piers Morgan, John Leguizamo, Russell Simmons, D.L. Hughley, Martha Stewart, Henry Winkler, and Bette Midler quickly blamed the firearms.  As did politicians like Jan Schakowsky and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.  Longtime journalist and former White House Press Secretary Bill Moyers called Americans "bloodthirsty," "violent," and "inept." But it was New York Mayor...(Read Full Article)