Seizing Mortgages?

The Wall Street Journal had a front-page article entitled "Cities Consider Seizing Mortgages" just two days ago. The information in the article allows us to derive a formula that tells us how Emperor Obama and imperial functionaries plan to convert private property and rearrange capital markets for the "public good." San Bernadino County officials -- together with the venture capital firm Mortgage Resolution Partners (MRP) and particular investment banks -- are looking for California judges who are willing to join with them in order to steal private property for the purpose of self-enrichment and, of course, for the purpose of advancing the public good.  The thieves' tool is eminent domain.  A key player is Mr. Roger Altman, who "served in the Clinton administration and is raising funds for President Obama's re-election effort." According to the article, Mr. Altman's investment bank, Evercore Partners, together with the investment bank Westwood Capital, has been retained by...(Read Full Article)