Save American Medicine and Save Your Own Life

I have long been quietly watching this health care debate in our country from the sidelines.  Once again, I feel compelled to get in the mix and explain the viewpoint of a physician working on the inside and dealing with the frustrations of governmental medicine. Approximately 48% of all children in the state of Georgia under the age of 16 are on Medicaid.  As a pediatric ophthalmologist practicing in Atlanta, I see quite a number of Medicaid patients each day.  In the past two years, I saw two Medicaid patients under the age of one, both of whom presented with Horner's Syndrome of the left eye.  This syndrome is characterized by a droopy eyelid with a small pupil as compared to the uninvolved eye.  People come to the ophthalmologist thinking something is wrong specifically with the eye.  Actually, this syndrome is often associated with Neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor which involves the paravertebral sympathetic nervous system chain. As a pediatric...(Read Full Article)