Saleha Abedin and the Muslim Sisterhood

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and four other members of Congress -- Representatives Gohmert, Franks, Westmoreland, and Rooney -- have all expressed legitimate concerns to the State Department inspector general (IG) and IGs of the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice regarding policies "enormously favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its interests."  The five representatives, in turn, characterize these policies, more ominously (albeit appropriately), as "deeply problematic" and even posing overt "security risks for this nation, its people and interests."  My colleagues Andrew McCarthy and Diana West have each contributed thoughtful, irrefragable rebuttals to the uninformed attacks on these intrepid representatives -- particularly Congresswoman Bachmann -- epitomized by the distressingly ignorant, hypocritical, and scurrilous remarks of "maverick" Senator John McCain.  McCain perseverated in his non-sequitur, Captain Queeg-like Senate floor...(Read Full Article)