Romney Rising

It is an aphorism that if you want less of something, tax it.  Barack Obama wants higher taxes on job-creators and small business owners.  That's Barack in a nutshell.  He believes that it is unfair that some people, through toil and self-sacrifice, have more than others.  He's never toiled or sacrificed, so none of this should surprise.  It's interesting to note, however, that he has no problem with what he has accumulated over the years with little actual effort.  After all, he built that. "You didn't build that," he said -- in four words defining his entire worldview.  It's not you; it's him.  I wonder if he said the same thing to one of his composite girlfriends.  "It's not you, baby.  It's me."  The guy runs trillion-dollar deficits, and he thinks $14 billion a year will make all the difference.  And that revenue figure assumes that the rich are not smart enough to hide income, or wily enough to change their investing...(Read Full Article)