Raul Castro and the Mending of Fences

Raul Castro, dictator of Cuba and brother of dictator emeritus Fidel Castro, is in the news.   He took advantage of a Cuban national holiday on July 26, 2012 (a national holiday in a communist country -- now that sounds like fun, doesn't it?), to announce his desire to reopen relations with the United States. Castro seems reasonable; he says that anything can be on the table, as long as it is a conversation between "equals" -- he emphasizes that Cuba is nobody's puppet, after all. The Castros seem discouraged that the USA never "forgave and forgot" with Cuba, the way that the USA did with so many other countries two decades ago.  We patched things up with East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, even Russia!   Why not with Cuba too? Remembering the Cold War Many today have forgotten -- or were never taught at all -- the history of the Cold War.  Grammar school, and less so, high school history classes are notorious for "not finishing the book" -- that is,...(Read Full Article)