Pro-Murderer Mindset of The New York Times

A recent 7,900-word New York Times article singularly illustrates the huge gulf between victims of barbaric crime and the zealous rationalizers of their victimizers.  Strongly suggesting that a prisoner's being "sorry" for the premeditated murder of both his parents should be "enough" to free him, the article would likely repulse most survivors of violent crime, including loved ones of murder victims and others who care about them. Repulse, but not surprise.  Pro-murderer fanatics have long manifested the views and tricks employed by the Times.  (To avoid misunderstanding or misrepresentation, "pro-murderer" is not "pro-murder."  These people do not advocate murder.  However, when murders occur, they provide solace for the clearly guilty, with none for victims.  Indeed, to protect murderers, they aggressively inflict unspeakable additional torture upon victims.)  Having long pretended merely to oppose capital punishment, their real goal is to...(Read Full Article)