Please, No Rice with That Romney

With the rumor that Condoleezza Rice is a frontrunner to be Mitt Romney's vice-presidential pick, she's the talk of the town.  She's so intelligent, so sophisticated, so statesmanlike and so scholarly that she could make you wonder if Hillary Clinton really ever was "the most intelligent woman in America."  That's the pitch, anyway.  But when you check this Rice's ingredients, you have to ask, where's the beef? When assessing this, I'm reminded of how the late Christopher Hitchens put Bill Clinton's so-called intellectual prowess in perspective.  Despite the 42nd president's long history of making statements, Hitchens asked, what has he ever said that was profound or memorable?  Of course, like Clinton and "I feel your pain" or lawyering the word "is," Rice has made memorable statements.  But they're all hamburger helper -- way past the sell-by date. For instance, when defending the fool's errand of trying to put a square democratic peg in a round Islamic...(Read Full Article)