Picking the Wrong Opponent

In addition to the many, many, many mistakes that our president has made in the past three and a half years, taking on the Catholic Church over contraception mandates in his health care bill has to be one of the biggest "oops" moments in the District of Columbia.  And winning a contest that pits ordinary political idiocies against each other (or even coming in a close second in such a contest) really makes it an accomplishment when you consider all the incredible stupidities that politicians of all political persuasions have committed over the years. Over the past two thousand years, any time the Church has been persecuted, it has grown stronger.  Its adherents become more devout, more devoted, more protective.  The "smartest guy in the room" really ought to know that. And if he actually had learned anything during his sojourn in the series of fancy educational institutions that he attended, he would only need to look at Poland and the strength of the Catholic Church...(Read Full Article)